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"The city is part of my identity and art. As a street art artist,  I look at the streets like a piece of hidden art..."

Kfir Tagar is one of the youngest rising stars in the

Israeli art scene at the enlightened age of 15.

Creating both indoor and outdoor, while using several Medias

such as large canvases and murals, Kfir takes his inspiration

from comics, video games, urban landscapes, and music being a few. His bright graffiti artworks are often a look into Kfir’s imagination where inspirations are decomposed and later reassembled onto the blank canvas. Growing up, he became involved in the skate scene and was exposed to the diversity of TLV streets, which influences his own unique colorful street art blended with a pop art-infused comic style.

Nowadays, his work can be viewed in exhibitions, galleries, but mostly in the streets.

In the picture I am at the

UZERIA NEXT DOOR restaurant in

Tel Aviv with a wall I painted